Malù e l’amante (1991)

This is another “Lady Chatterly” film. Lady Chatterly (Malú)  lives on a large estate with her crippled husband (Maurice Poli).  He feels he can’t match up to his wife’s sexual needs. All of a sudden his wife’s  ex-lover is released from prison. Her husband invites him to become a groundskeeper on the estate, knowing that the two will eventually hook up.

From Imdb:
Director Pasquale Fanetti, in his film e l’amante (The Lover), hit a jackpot in the cinema of erotica. Although I saw it 10 years ago, yet I remember every small detail of this erotic picture. The movie is about a beautiful wife (Malu`) who marries a rich man but he is old and palletized. It seems that she has no alternative, but to seek and engage in sexual activities outside her marriage. Her lover is the help in their estate. Also, there are some sad moments when the viewers realized that the married couple are trying very hard to please each other, yet one of them (the husband) obviously cannot function and therefore the wife’s options are limited. The movie was filmed in high quality image. Malu`, through many amorous scenes, pushes the Art of Erotica to a full throttle. She goes very far in her pursue of sexual fulfilment. This is a first class movie in the cinema of erotica.