Follie di notte (1978)

Somewhat crazy semi-documentary by director Joe D’Amato is a strange series of Burlesque performances from around the globe. Actress and dancer Amanda Lear hosts these mostly musical numbers designed to get people on stage.

Join hostess Amanda Lear, as she showcases Joe D’Amato’s staged mondo feature Crazy Nights. A lascivious journey into the world of underground sex clubs and beyond. Get yourself a glass of J&B and indulge in the abundance of flesh, depravity and ridiculousness. Bad dubbing and a pulsating late 70’s disco/funk/rock soundtrack as only the Italians could  do. It’s Orgy of the Dead for the discriminating connoisseur of sleaze cinema. No plot, no problem.

Alternate Titles
Crazy Nights
Notti pazze della Amanda Lear
Actors: Marina Hedman