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Malibu Express (1985)

When a young, good looking Texas millionaire, who thinks he’s a crack private eye, is hired to investigate an illicit computer company that’s selling secrets to the Russians, he finds himself entangled in a circuit of murder, intrigue, and beautiful women.

Darby Hinton and the incredibly shapely Sybil Danning star in this tongue-in-cheek, action-adventure murder mystery that has it all – suspense, action, surprising twists and gorgeous curves provided by a cast of beauties that includes four fabulous Playboy Playmates.

Add to that a half-dozen other lovelies, and a ton of fast cars, and just imagine the ride you’re in for on the Malibu Express.

This is the first movie of the 12 movies Andy Sidaris produced (and in most cases wrote and directed), in the BBB (Bullets, Bombs & Babes) -series. 

Actress: Shelley Taylor Morgan, Suzanne M. Regardm, Lori Sutton, Lorraine Michaels

Date: August 7, 2022