Les félines (1972)

Alternate Titles
The Cats UK soft version
The Felines US title, VCX

Director: Daniel Daert
Studio: VCX

Starring: Jacques Insermini, Pauline Larrieu, Janine Reynaud, Day Jason, Darby Lloyd Rains, Eric Edwards, Nancy Dare, George Guerret, Nathalie Zeiger
Description: Oliver has a wife, Maude, and a mistress, Clare. Maude decides to entertain Oliver’s amorous wanderings as long as she can control them. She brings Florence, a vibrant and very attractive 18-year-old, to live with them and to seduce Oliver. The plan works, and Oliver soon gives up his mistress Clare for the younger Florence. As the plot develops, Florence not only captivates and controls Oliver, but Maude as well. THE FELINES is a classic film from France that has surely changed the future of erotic cinema