L’idole (2002)

Director: Samantha Lang
Studio: ARTE, Arte France Cinema, Euro Space

Starring: Leelee Sobieski, James Hong, Jean-Paul Roussillon, Jalil Lespert, Marie Loboda, Jany Gastaldi, Liliane Montevecchi, Liliane Rovere, Remy Roubakha, Esse Lawson, Fred Cacheux, Olivier Augrond.

Description: Zao, a retired cook living alone in an apartment. His day-to-day life consists mostly of routine; he meets with a fellow retiree, waters his plants, etc. But his predictable lifestyle is thrown for a loop with the arrival of Sarah (Sobieski), a free-spirited girl who instantly captures the interest and attention of virtually everyone in the building. Zao lives the closest to Sarah, so when she has an electrical problem, she asks for his help. They get to talking, and soon find themselves spending more and more time together