Robinson und seine wilden Sklavinnen (Robinson and His Tempestuous Slaves) (1972)

“Poor old Robinson who is boring at home with a terrible
mother-in-law and an annoying housewife, and at work too.
One day, he decides to retire from urban life with 3 very
nice girls on an island. But beware of the awful cannibals

This is one of my favorite Franco flicks, very interesting to
watch, with some smooth moments and little almost hardcore
ones (in the party when people are watching a film where some
people having sex, with a superb organ music, an highlight to
this movie).

French starlet Anne Libert is playing one of the nude girl on
the Robinson Island (she was in a lot of Franco movies at
this time), and Howard Vernon is playing a not so very
frightening cannibal, saying word like ‘Agagagag’ & ‘hououou’.

A very pleasant moment.”