Peccato preferito (1987)

Alternate Titles
Crazy Sex Ecstasy

Director: Luigi Soldati (as Leslie Pollak)

Starring: Lana Howard, Milly Savage, Roberto Malone, Rocco Siffredi, Christophe Clark
Description: A brunette (Milly?) plays a cook/maid. A thin blonde (Lana) plays the wife of Roberto Malone. Rocco has sex with cook in the kitlchen. Roberto Malone is in bed with his thin, blonde wife. Malone and wife go off in the car and come upon Clark and wife whose car has broken down. The latter couple are invited to return to the Malone home to stay. Clark and wife have sex. Malone and wife hear the goings on in the bedroom and have sex outside the bedroom door. Rocco and cook resume where they left off. Partner swapping begins with a lesbian session between wife and visitor. Malone joins in. Clark discovers Rocco and cook and is invited to join in by the cook.