La Rabatteuse (1978)

Director:Claude Bernard-Aubert as Burd Tranbaree
Notes:DVD from Blue One, 1 hr 26 mins, with Maîtresse pour couple

A couple and a man sit in an airport hall. Robert, Greg’s best friend agrees to keep an eye on his oversexed blonde girlfriend, Jocelyne, because he is out of the country for business. She, in return persuades any woman who catches Robert’s fancy to a carnal encounter. The wide range of females include a stewardess, a shop assistant, a countess, a mother and daughter they meet at a café, the female usher from the local adult cinema and just about any other woman they pass on the street.

Alternate Titles
Amour sale Alpha France download (?) re-release title (widescreen)
La Mujer gaucho
The Oddest Couple ?

Brigitte Lahaie is left by her husband or boyfriend in the care of a male friend while he is away. For reasons unclear to those of us who do not speak French, she immediately begins to pick up women for him. The first is Karine Gambier, an air stewardess, spotted at the airport where they have said goodbye to the boyfriend. Next Danièle Troeger, in a scene reminiscent of one in Radley Metzger’s The Image, is seduced in the changing rooms of a dress shop. Emmanuelle Parèze is also encountered there and comes round to their place later. Next France Lomay and an older blonde (XNK0300) are picked up from a pavement café. Then, in ever quicker succession, cinema usherette Nicole Velna, a mousey-haired brunette (Marion Webb), a brunette in a dark dress (XNK0302), a slightly older brunette (probably Vicky Mes Min, but anyway XNK0303), and lastly Barbara Moose tries on her wedding dress for them and an orgy develops when Emmanuelle Parèze returns with her chauffeur Richard Lemieuvre.