Remplissez-moi… les 3 trous (1978)

Alternate Titles
Les 3 trous
Die Flasche zum ficken DVD available Mike Hunter DVD title
Jeanette und Cathérine West Germany, Mike Hunter
Sexual Tour stolen credit for Italian video release
Les Trois trous

Barbara Moose is lounging by the pool waiting for the guests to arrive for a party. The first to arrive is a tall man with a moustache (Bouyxou) who gives her a bottle. Then he leaves for fresh supplies. She drinks the bottle and, probably drunk already, she staggers round the pool and then lies on the diving board masturbating.

Cyril Val arrives and she takes him inside. They are having sex standing up behind a piano when Dominique Aveline and Diane Dubois arrive. They persuade Cyril to strip and all three jump nude into the pool, leaving Barbara Moose frustrated.. Cathy Stewart arrives with her bottle. Cyril, Dominique and Diane come inside and go upstairs for e threesome in which she takes a DP, quite clearly shot for the time. Barbara and Cathy have a lesbian session with Barbara Moose, interrupted by the arrival of more bottel-bearing guests including Jenny Feeling, Valerie Martin’s and a couple of men..The threesome come downstairs and an all-out orgy develops, except that Barbara Moose has wandered outside again and returns to watch, frustrated.

Then the first guest returns with more drink.