La Chatte sur un doigt brûlant (1975)

Alternate Titles
Le Doigt dans l’œil
Lip Service
Plaisirs 1982 70 mins.
Village Girls USA
Director:Cyrille Chardon
Notes:originally soft, hard scenes added by producer Jean-François Davy from various sources; 93 minutes; one video version is 82 minutes.

Anna Douking plays Marguerite Lalyre
Cathy Stewart in added hard scenes
Claude Janna in added hard scenes
Claudine Beccarie in added hard scenes
Dominique Erlanger plays a woman at the burial
France Nicolas
Gillian Gill as Gilliane Gill, plays the owner of the bistro
Jenny Feeling in added hard scenes
Jocelyne Clairis in added hard scenes
Martine Capellaro in added hard scenes
Mona Mour plays Sophie
Nanette Corey plays Hélène, the servant of Francbourgeois
Sarah Sterling plays a villager
Virginie Vignon plays Marie, Lalyre’s maid

Males in added hard scenes include –

  • Alban Ceray
  • Charlie Schreiner
  • Dominique Aveline
  • Richard Lemieuvre
  • Benoît Archenoul