Lèvres de sang (Lips of Blood) (1975)

Lèvres de Sang is one of Jean Rollin’s most lyrical films; he calls the script “the most personal I have ever written”. The French maestro indulges in his fascination for sexy female vampires, eerie cemeteries and atmospheric urban landscapes, but above all the film is a tragic, melancholy love story with a highly provocative twist.

Frederic (Jean-Loup Philippe) is haunted by childhood memories. He remembers visiting a remote castle at night, where he meets Jennifer (Annie Brilland), a beautiful and enigmatic young woman dressed in white. When he asks his mother (Nathalie Perrey) about this, she tells him he’s raving. But Frederic starts to investigate his past and meets Jennifer, finding out that his family has been plagued by an ancient curse. A terrible drama from long ago is casting its shadow towards the present.