Des enfants gâtés (1977)

Director: Bertrand Tavernier
Studio: Gaumont, Sara Films, Films 66

Starring: Michel Piccoli, Christine Pascal, Michel Aumont, Gerard Jugnot, Arlette Bonnard, Liza Braconnier, Genevieve Mnich, Florence Haguenauer, Claudine Mavros, Michel Berto, Thierry Lhermitte, Georges Riquier, Gerard Zimmermann, Michel Blanc, Brigitte Catillon, Martin Lamotte, Michel Puterflam, Daniel Toscan du Plantier, Jean-Philippe.

Description: Bernard, a famous filmmaker, is married to Catherine, a psychologist who cares for children with autism. In a crisis of creativity, in loss of emotions, he leaves his family environment and rents an apartment in the district of Grenelle, without worrying too much about the high charges that his new owner asks him. From the first night, Anne, her neighbor, a young unemployed woman, rings at her door. The tenants decided to rebel. A meeting is organized. Seduced by the young woman, who soon becomes his mistress, he accompanies her in her fight.

Alternative Title:
Spoiled Children