Bible! (1974)

Director: Wakefield Poole
Studio: Poolemar

Starring: Bo White, Caprice Couselle, Georgina Spelvin, John Horn, Robert Benes, Nancy Wachter, Brahm van Zetten, Gloria Grant, Bonnie Mathis, Dennis Wayne, Alison Fields, Dan Johnson, Patti Perkins, Oscar Schulman, Jane Sobel
Description: An anthology film crafted from three stories from The Bible: First story is, of course, Adam & Eve. A nude Adam (Bo White) crawls and swims through odd rock formations and eventually ends up on a beach. Eve eventually emerges from the sea and the two have sex. Next is the story of Bathsheba (Georgina Spelvin) and Uriah. Bathsheba, feeling ignored by her husband Uriah (Robert Benes) seeks the company of peeping tom David (John Horn). And last, Samson and Delilah: When Samson (Brahm van Zetten) murders one of Delilah’s (Gloria Grant) dwarf friends, she vows revenge.