The Violators of Virgin Girls (Os Violentadores de Meninas Virgens) (1983)

A group of wealthy men hire a pimp to provide them with virgin women to rape. Then they proceed to kill them. One innocent man gets involved when he identifies one of the kidnapers and all hell breaks loose!

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Quote:Trashy, Cheesy, Lame, Tacky, 1 April 2011
Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

In São Paulo, the gang of the former pimp Marcus abducts another virgin woman late night. They trade the virgin girls with three wealthy sick old men that pay a little fortune to deflower the girls. Then the gang of sex maniacs kills the women and dumps their bodies in the backwoods. The police know that the gang has abducted sixteen women and they have already found ten bodies, but they do not have any lead to find the criminals. Meanwhile, the dry cleaners Pedro and Baixinho have a button of the jacket of a kidnapper that had abduct his neighbor. Pedro and Sueli, who is the sister of Baixinho, learn that she is pregnant. When one criminal brings his blazer to the dry-cleaning establishment of Pedro and Baixinho, Pedro chases his car while Baixinho calls the police. Pedro is captured by the criminals that beat up on him, but the police arrive and save him. The gang comes to the dry-cleaning and violates Sueli to intimidate Pedro and Baixinho, and the police give protection to Pedro. However the siblings go home to have lunch and Pedro discovers that the criminals have thrown a bomb at the house of Sueli and Baixnho. He does not arrive in time to save them and Sueli and Baixinho are murdered. After the funeral, the police offer to help Pedro and he promises to avenge the deaths of his fiancée and his friend. The gang finally abducts the third virgin for the three men and also Pedro, and Marcos summons the old men and asks them to bring the money. When one of the old men discovers that his daughter is the third girl, he reacts and begins a shootout and Pedro takes advantage with the situation to get a machine gun.

“Os Violentadores de Meninas Virgens” is a trashy and cheesy Brazilian crime movie from Boca do Lixo. There are many scenes of explicit sex where the penetration are visibly edited and with woman that are probably prostitutes from the Boca do Lixo, but the most hilarious is that they are described as “virgins” in the plot.

The hero Jorge is a weird and ham actor with a very strange voice. Actually, the cast is among the oddest and worst that I have ever seen, with fat, bald, furry old guys and flaccid women with cellulite. The songs of the soundtrack are tacky and mushy, contrasting with the violence of the plot.

The lines of Pedro are awful, but probably the worst is when he tells the girls that they should stop crying and pray to God. In the end, this lame film is so cheap that becomes a cult-movie. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): “Os Violentadores de Meninas Virgens” (“The Violators of Virgin Girls”).