Emanuelle in America (1977)

Alternate Titles
Brutal Nights
Emanuelle nera in America

Laura Gemser is once again Emanuelle who is working as a photographer and as a journalist in New York. Always looking for a new scoop, she decides to infiltrate the home of eccentric millionaire Eric Van Darren (Lars Bloch) after she receives a tip about some shady goings on in his home. Laura of course brings along a nifty little camera hidden inside a golden necklace.

Bloch has a harem where each of the twelve girls represents an astrological sign, and Laura successfully poses as a Virgo to gain entrance. There, one of the girls, Gemini (played – uncredited – by Lorraine de Selle) has a softcore sex scene with Gemser in the sauna. Then we get some hardcore footage when another (unnamed) harem girl (played by Maria Renata Franco) goes into the stables for a sexual encounter with Pedro the horse! Franco herself only appears naked as the hardcore action is performed on the horse, with Franco stroking the horse’s penis. A rather uncomfortable scene if you ask me. Laura also swims nude in the pool with two other harem girls and there’s a short softcore scene of the three women touching each other and playing around in the pool (you don’t really get a good look at the faces of the two other girls so I can’t identify them). Laura also has softcore sex with Bloch before she meets one of his guests, a rich duke (Gabriele Tinti). He invites her to come live with him and his wife Laura (Paola Senatore) in Venice and she accepts.

Gabriele and Paola have marriage problems but Laura helps them out by having a softcore threesome with them. Her boyfriend Bill (Riccardo Salvino) also shows up for a brief visit and they share a steamy (softcore) sex scene outside a concert hall; their humping being accompanied by classic music. After Salvino leaves, Gabriele and Paola throw a decadent party.

They wheel in a huge cake. A naked woman (played by an unidentified actress, XNK1930) pops out of the cake, and many of the guests start licking cake off her naked body. Others take off their clothes and start having sex on the floor, including Paola and Gabriele. A blonde party guest (played – uncredited – by Gota Gobert) also strips and starts having sex with her date, a blonde gigolo, and so do various other briefly seen couples. All of this is softcore. The exception is a blonde woman (played by an unidentified actress, XNK1927) who gets down on her knees and performs a hardcore blowjob on one of the men.

After getting a tip at the party from one of the guests (Gota Gobert) about an exclusive club where rich, single women can buy the services of attractive men, Laura decides to pay a visit to this place. Her little camera-necklace once again comes in handy as she takes pictures of various couples. First up she peeks inside a beach hut where she sees a brutish, primitive-looking man who insists on being called ‘Tarzan’ (played – uncredited – by Rick ‘Ercolino’ Martino) and a blonde woman he calls ‘Jane’ (played – uncredited – by Marina Hedman in her hardcore debut). Marina starts by giving Rick oral sex before he makes her stand up, turns her around and takes her from behind. The brief scene ends with Rick shooting a small load on Marina’s face. Laura then looks into a bedroom where a platinum blonde (played by Cristina Minutelli) is being entertained by two men (one white and one black). What follows is another hardcore sex scene: Cristina starts by jerking both men and then sucks them off. She (and both men) also rub her vagina. She then proceeds to give oral sex to the black man while the white man takes her from behind. The scene ends with the white guy ejaculating over her butt. Finally, Laura goes down to a basement and sees a man dressed up like Zorro performing a striptease while a mature redheaded woman (played by Renata Kasché – information from anotehr contributor) watches. The woman masturbates; performing some hardcore vaginal penetration with her fingers.

Eventually (after watching the masturbating redhead) she stumbles upon a couple (the woman is Matilde dall’Aglio) that enjoy having (softcore) sex while watching a snuff film in which women are brutally tortured and killed. Laura is then caught by the guards but after using her female charms on bordello owner Diana Smith, she escapes with the help of a friendly driver (who also drove her to the club). Laura shows her gratitude to the driver by having sex with him in the car.

Back in New York, Laura tries to track down the source of the snuff footage. Her search leads her to a U.S. Senator (Roger Browne). They end up in bed together, where Browne shows her more disturbing snuff footage. Laura gets lots of pictures and figures she’s got the scoop of the year until her editor tells her that the owner of their newspaper has given orders to not follow up on this case. Frustrated, Laura and boyfriend Salvino travel to Africa and celebrate their love among an African tribe. End of movie.

Cristina Minutelli uncredited
Eleni Stavrou
Gota Gobert party guest, softcore performance
Laura Gemser s/c, plays Emanuelle/’Laura Rogers’
Lorraine de Selle uncredited, plays Gemini, softcore performance
Maria Piera Regoli plays Diana Smith, the bordello owner, softcore performance
Maria Renata Franco plays a harem girl
Marina Hedman uncredited, plays ‘Jane’
Matilde Dall’Aglio soft core performance
Paola Senatore plays Laura
Renate Kasché uncredited
Stefania Nocilli
XNK1930 woman in cake