Mouthful Of Love (1984)

Cute, cuddly Karen Summer thinks that the world’s problems stem from male agression. Her solution? Relieve male tension through oral pleasure! It may sound like sheer genius, but it’s tough work on the jawbone as Karen, Joy Merchant, Desiree Lane, and Ebony Clark chow down on some major-league tubesteaks in their quest for Shank-ri-la! These gals blow themselves right to the White House, where they triumph over the forces of bigotry, impotence, and shame. As long as there’s a rock-hard guy around, these girls will never go hungry. What a mouthful!

  • Scene 1. Karen Summer, Jay Serling, Jimmy Starr
  • Scene 2. Dorothy Onan, Karen Summer, Jay Serling
  • Scene 3. Desiree Lane, Karen Summer, faceless guy
  • Scene 4. Desiree Lane, Dan T. Mann
  • Scene 5. Dorothy Onan, Karen Summer, Steve Powers
  • Scene 6. Mauvais DeNoir, Dan T. Mann
  • Scene 7. Dorothy Onan, Karen Summer, Shone Taylor
  • Scene 8. Beverly Bliss, Mauvais DeNoir, Dorothy Onan, Nick Niter
  • Scene 9. Beverly Bliss, Desiree Lane, Dorothy Onan, Jay Serling
  • Scene 10. Crystal Breeze, Dorothy Onan, Jay Serling
  • Scene 11. Beverly Bliss, Crystal Breeze, Jay Serling
  • Scene 12. Dorothy Onan, Jay Serling
  • Scene 13. Crystal Breeze, Jay Serling