Pornography in New York (1972)

This film belongs to the genre of psuedo-documentaries, which justifies or allows an essentially pornographic movie to be shown. The sex scenes are not, by present standards, hardcore, although they are not soft core either.
Film begins with the supposed DA of Nassau County talking about pornography and the law with emphasis on his duties in relation to obscenity. This is cover for what follows: a survey of various sexual practices, straight and gay, in the early ‘70’s in New York.

There are virtually no credits attached to this film, and, in general information is hard to come by.

One CM member, chef, found the movie “hilarious” due to the serious way it presents raunchy material.


Here is another analysis:
Waterbeds and lesbians, street walkers and sidewalk preachers, nothing significant in the New York sex game is overlooked in this stunning documentary. From the bedroom of deflowered hippie girls, we move quickly into the boudoir of an outspoken and brutally honest homosexual. Sex scenes of he and his buddy are intercut with a “blow by blow” description of just what it is to be one of the “third sex” in the USA today. View a junkie masochist degraded while he describes the origins of his fetish. Instruments of torture are shown at a sex shop. What really goes on in those west side massage and body parlors? Witness the casting of a man’s penis in plaster and learn how it’s done. Finally, a high caliber call girl reveals the secrets of her trade.