Fantaisies pour Couples (1976)

Alternate Titles
Frauen wollen Sex  MIke Hunter DVD title Triebe bis zum letzten Tropfen West Germany, Mike Hunter

Males –

  • Guy Royer plays Danièle’s husband
  • Charlie Schreiner

Two couples are having affairs with each other’s spouses, and in Guy Royer’s case with a couple of other females too – a redhead (Laurence Thibault) whom he picks up in his car and a brunette (XNK0110) secretary at his office, with whom he has a picnic and sex on the roof.

The wives also spice up their sex lives by buying sexy undies (Danièle) or fetish gear (Charlie and wife, Chantal Nora) from a sex shop and Danièle introduces Guy to her friend, Dawn Cummings, and they have threesomes.

Eventually the two couples meet for a wife-swapping evening and discover they know each other already.

Date: March 13, 2020