Es war nicht die Nachtigall (Julia) (1974)

A sexually confused German girl wishes desperately for a coming-of-age encounter during her sexually confused family’s summer vacation in a Swiss lakeside mansion.

Sigi Rothemund’s film portrays the highs and lows of a wealthy and miserable upper-crust family whose sexual confusions would be enough to make Sigi Freud spin in his grave.

IMDb Review (ebiros2 from United States):

Quote:This might be called a West German attempt to capture the success of Emanuelle. Sylvia Krystel stars in the title role also.

’70s were the time of sexy older women who were willing to experience better sex in their lives beyond what they can get within their marriage. Success of the movie “Emanuelle” sort of gave permission to bring this concept into movie making. Julia is almost a carbon copy of the format of Emanuelle if only the backdrop wasn’t so exotic.

The movie captures the atmosphere of the ’70s extremely well. Everyone was looking for a sexual encounter with a sexy women which was available due to extreme physical appeal of women born in the ’40s.

The movie gets it right, and it’s an enjoyable look at the various situation people wished they were in during that period. The movie is made very well, and is worth the watch.