Librianna, Bitch of the Black Sea (1981)

Studio: Alpha Blue Archives

Starring: Pezda Vanutcka, Vladick Cadoy
Description: The Cold War: an undercover journalist uncovers a plot to bring down the Iron Curtain from the inside. The rebel group responsible are illegal pornographers fighting for the fall of Communism by polluting the morals of society. Their rogue leader is Librianna, a busty freckled blonde seen by the Russian folk as a larger than life comic book hero. The journalist’s efforts to track down the group get him thrown into prison, but he is sprung by Librianna herself. To get his story, he must join their fight. Can they stop fucking long enough to complete their mission?

Advertised as “the first X rated movie filmed in Russia?” (maybe some of the stock footage was), Librianna is a nearly forgotten XXX exploitation hybrid. Chambers, disfigured goons, secret lairs, a busty blonde sex kitten…all the trappings of an Ilsa movie, but replace the violence with XXX fucking and the nastiness with near-painful ineptitude. Any movie with a lengthy disclaimer thanking “the brave men and women who risked so much to aid in the production of this fine film” and then displays its opening title over a shot of a cum leaking pussy is an instant classic in our book.