The Tale of the Dean’s Wife (1970)

A small group of students is determined to force the hand of the school’s dean, who they think is too conservative and needs to get with the times. To that end, they have met in the forest to discuss a list of demands that they plan to hand deliver to the dean, but the meeting seems to take a different turn. The students wind up scattering in pairs for sexual adventures instead of discussion, but once the clothes are back on, the group marches to confront the dean. Meanwhile, the dean’s own wife also tires of his overly conservative nature and has started affairs with anyone willing, including the couple’s own maid. Can the students show the dean the error of his ways and if so, what methods will be used to convince him?

A student organization has demands for the dean that they need addressed between bouts of pot & outdoor swinging. The dean himself (exploitation regular Roger Gentry from the likes of THE THING WITH TWO HEADS, THE BLACK GESTAPO, ALICE IN ACIDLAND, INVITATION TO RUIN, et al) has to contend with the realization that his redheaded wife (Luanne Roberts from 101 ACTS OF LOVE, WEEKEND WITH THE BABYSITTER, THE PSYCHO LOVER, et al) is a lot lustier than she’s let on. A visiting colleague who’s studied erotica, the long-legged semi-French maid (Lynn Lyon from THE PSYCHO LOVER & DANDY) & a vengeful dose of LSD add kindling to the fire. The dialogue makes this nudie groper a lot more fun than many of its ilk; it ain’t quite Russ Meyer, but it’s fun. The guys aren’t quite taking their underpants off in this one, but the content in this hour of sinema manages to linger above many of the fully-nude, flaccid humpers of a few years later. Henning Schellerup shot this, fitting into his wide variety of work in cinema. He directed LOOSE TIMES AT RIDLEY HIGH, TOMBOY (the porn that came out a year before the Betsy Russell comedy) & THE BLACK BUNCH among others. His cinematography credits include BERSERKER, THE ANNIHILATORS, MARY! MARY!, KISS OF THE TARANTULA, CURSE OF THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN & many others. I find it difficult to believe that “Onivas” isn’t a pseudonym, but this is his only attributed credit, so we may never know. Not recommended for those offended by hard endings, dollar-store psychedelic FX or weak tattoo-coverup on the campus nerd.

— Isaac Williams (Letterboxd)