Draguse ou le manoir infernal (1976)

A writer is commissioned to write an erotic book and starts to see perverted ghosts in the house he has rented. His journey goes deeper as he is lead into all the lustful and perverted secrets that dwell within.

Director : Patrice Rhomm

Cast : Monica Swinn as Draguse, Olivier Mathot as David Léger, Claudine Beccarie as Sarah, Sylvia Bourdon as Sonia la prostituée, Erika Cool as Fraulein Sigrid (as Lore Lore), Gilbert Servien as M. Louis, Danièle Nègre as Christine, la collégienne (as Britt Larsen), Martine Fléty as Julia Léger (as Karine), Alain Hardy as Roland, Patrice Rhomm as Jérôme l’éditeur, André Steiger as Jouve, le promoteur (as André Stéger), Pierre Quérut as Le docteur, Anne-Dominique