La Déchaînée! (1986)

Alternate Titles
Forbidden Pleasures 1987 in USA Hotspots West Germany, Beverly Hills Slips fendus et porte-jarretelles Verbotene Sex-Spiele  Herzog

Amanda Shell, who has a toy boy, is trying to sell a house in the country. She has two nieces, Tina Loren and Valerie Vinal who play tennis on the court attached to the house wearing no knickers. They are watched by Jean-Pierre Armand who is trying to persuade Marilyn Jess to have sex with him. He succeeds by winning a bet with her that the other two girls play knickerless tennis. The two nieces seduce the prospective buyer, Jean-Pierre has it away with Marilyn, who also has it away with the prospective buyer, and so on.