Sweet Young Girls (1981)

The story, such as it is, involves the girls at a model agency getting up to all sorts of naughtiness, mainly with the photographers.

First Céline Gallone is brought to what is supposed to be just a glamour shoot by her mother. The mother is led away and the shoot soon turns into a b/g then a b/b/g session.

But the central characters are played by Jane Baker and Julia Perrin, who not only get it on with their photographers but also with the masseurs at a gym.

Most of the other females involved in the action are models, though Sophie Duflot plays a secretary to photographer Cyril Val (and her scene with him includes anal), Nicole Segaud seems to be the girlfriend of another and XNK0410 plays Carole, the assistant to the two young photographerh. Some of the models don’t get involved much in the action, except perhaps in the final orgy scene where most of the participants wear masks at first. Here other, previously unseen, males and females appear, such as XNK0412, XNK0413 and XNK0494

The basement room with the pinball machine also features yet again, in a scene between Jane Baker and Guy Royer.

Scene 1 Celine Gallone, Gil Lagardere, Guy Berardant
Scene 2 Jane Baker, Julia Perrin, Gil Lagardere
Scene 3 Valerie Martin’s, Gil Lagardere
Scene 4 Nicole Segaud, Guy Berardant
Scene 5 Sophie Duflot, Cyril Val [anal]
Scene 6 Nadine Roussial, Gil Lagardere
Scene 7 Jane Baker, Guy Royer
Scene 8 Jane Baker, Richard Lemieuvre
Scene 9 Julia Perrin, Alban Ceray
Scene 10 Dominique Saint Claire, Cyril Val
Scene 11 Jane Baker, Julia Perrin, Ulrike Lary, Dominique Saint Claire, Nadine Roussial, Sandrine Pernelle, Laura Clair, Valerie Martin’s, Brigitte Verbecq?, Claudia van Statt?, XNK0413, Guy Royer, Gil Lagardere, Richard Lemieuvre, Guy Berardant, Cyril Val, Gabriel Pontello, Jacques Gateau

The Dominique Saint Claire listed in the opening credits refers to the male DSC (Gil Lagardere), not the female DSC, who is credited as “Dom Pat”. I will refer to them as Gil (male) and Dominique (female).