Daddy’s Darling Daughters (1986)

A father takes comfort in the fact that his daughter Cindy isn’t like her four sisters–two of them are drug-addled biker chicks, one is a butch lesbian and the other is involved in S&M. What he doesn’t know is that Cindy, who is still a virgin, has her 18th birthday coming up and is just itching to lose her virginity.

  • Scene 1. Nikki Charm, Blake Palmer
  • Scene 2. Chanel Price, Robbie Dee
  • Scene 3. Buffy Davis, Tami White, Billy Dee, Britton Hill
  • Scene 4. Jacqueline Lorians, Nikki Charm
  • Scene 5. Maggie Randall, Paul Thomas
  • Scene 6. Maggie Randall, Billy Dee, Britton Hill
  • Scene 7. Buffy Davis, Tami White
  • Scene 8. Buffy Davis, Chanel Price, Tami White, Robbie Dee
  • Scene 9. Nikki Charm, Blake Palmer