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Una moglie molto infedele (1988)

Director: Giorgio Grand (as Double GI)
Studio: Prisma Cinematografica, VDC

Starring: Christoph Clark, Danny Herbelin, Eric Dray, Giorgio Grand, Lilli Carati, Lynn Armitage, Roberto Malone, Rocco Siffredi, Sophie Musard
Description: An engineer suspects his wife Maria to cheat on him and hires a P/I passing as his new secretary to find evidences. Said P/I is not above sampling the goods himself. Maria’s friend Eloise takes photos of her with the P/I, black mailing him (it is easy for her to justify herself claiming to have been forced while she can ruin his carreer). They invite hinm and his wife under some pretense and manage to seduce his wife, joining in a big orgy, resulting in him providing a clean report “Maria è una moglie molto fedele” to the husband.

Alternate Titles
Adultera insaziabile