Nasty Girls (1983)

Director: Henri Pachard
Studio: VCX, Nibo Films

Starring: Sharon Kane, Joanna Storm, Sharon Mitchell, Ashley Moore, Kelly Nichols, Robert Kerman, Dave Ruby, Fred J. Lincoln, Barbara Daniels, Michael Bruce, Joe Santini, Tiffany Clark, Henri Pachard, Alan Adrian
Description: Saturday Night at Eve’s bar is the setting. Desire crackles the air as people merge, break up, mount elaborate sexual scenarios and change their future…all in a short frenzied four hours. Nasty Girls boasts a first-rate cast of sensuous, tempting gals and eye-popping gents in an outstanding production brimming with pulse-pounding action. Come to Eve’s and meet the Nasty Girls.

  • Scene 1. Sharon Kane, R. Bolla
  • Scene 2. Kelly Nichols, Alan Adrian
  • Scene 3. Joanna Storm, Ashley Moore
  • Scene 4. Barbara Daniels, David Ruby
  • Scene 5. Sharon Mitchell, Michael Bruce
  • Scene 6. Kelly Nichols, Tiffany Clark, Ashley Moore