Adolescenza (1995)

Alternate Titles
All Grown Up Tip Top DVD title
La Cousine DVD Video Marc Dorcel
Diario sexual di un adolescente

The cousin (Monica Orsini) of adolescent Francesco Malcom comes to stay and seems to seduce virtually everyone – in his tormented dreams – but she makes a man of him in reality.

An excellent movie which shares location, some cast, and style of make-up, costumes, etc., with Don Salvatore – l’ultimo Siciliano.

Director:Joe d’Amato

Decent porno from Joe D’Amato tells the story of a young girl who is finally free from her parents and decides to go wild. Unlike many of the director’s other films, this one here actually tries to tell a story along with all the sex scenes and in all honesty I found it to be mildly entertaining. The majority of people are going to come here for the sex and there’s plenty of that but I also got caught up in the story of the girl. The film has what appears to be a good production and features some nice camera-work.

Director Joe D’Amato will always be remembered for his horror films like BEYOND THE DARKNESS and ANTROPOPHAGUS as well as his long running Emanuelle series with Laura Gamser. After the Italian horror market dried up, D’Amato had a comeback with the softcore ELEVEN DAYS ELEVEN NIGHTS, which eventually led to the director doing porn titles. The director had previously mixed sex and horror in such titles as PORNO HOLOCAUST and EROTIC NIGHS OF THE LIVING DEAD but those films were a long way off from his later day porn.