El tesoro de la diosa blanca (1983)

A group of adventurers head to a primitive tribe in Africa to find a treasure of diamonds and a beautiful white girl who was lost years ago and was made the tribe’s goddess.

An expedition consisting of members of a British family and an expert hunter penetrate deep into the jungles of darkest Africa. The team searches for treasure, and for Diana, an English girl who was lost in the jungles as a child. Diana is now a beautiful young woman who lives with a tribe of savage headhunters, the Mabutos. Sexy Katja Bienert stars as the naked goddess worshipped by the savage cannibals.

Director Jess Franco takes the Tarzan concept and twists it into an amazing world of sex and cannibals.The plot involves a group heading into the jungle to find a dying womans daughter who has become the leader of a savage tribe of cannibals. The group intends to get the daughters inheritence , by leaving her in the jungle ( but the groups macho, do well guide doesnt want any part in this scheme.  

The whole film has a very bizzare atmosphere due to its strange cast and very psychodelic soundtrack. seriously, the music in this film was great, very strange synthesizer that gives the film a 70’s feel. The dubbing is great this adds to the films cheesy appeal. if you like so bad its good cinema with tons of trashy nudity, funky music and great dubbing then give diamonds of kilimandjaro a chance.

Ummm. A Jess Franco-movie from the early 80’s. So what would you expect? Right: actors incapable of acting, incredibly dumb dialogue and a whole lot of joyful nudity (and downright disgusting sex scenes with totally unattractive guys and girls). Which I regard as absolutely worthwhile and entertaining – but that’s just my personal opinion. The story? Story?? oh, well, it’s kind of a remake of TARZAN, plus some adventure- and cannibal-stuff. But basically it’s about seeing Katja Bienert nude, and it works when it comes down to that. Just realize: she was about 15 or 16 when this film was made, and she was really not very shy. Anyway: go get this one if you’re able to find it, but be prepared to feel the urge to throw it in the garbage can once you’ve seen it. P.S.: This film has been re-issued in 1999 by the german label X-RATED CULT MOVIES, but with a different title: MONDO CANNIBALE 4. Obviously for marketing-reasons. Cause you’d better not expect to watch one of the infamous Euro-Cannibal-flics when you put this in. Franco has done better than this. Katja Bienert has, too. But the jungle has never looked more corny. So … you get the idea. I like it.

Alternate Titles
Diamonds of Kilimanjaro
Mondo cannibale IV: Nackt unter Wilden
The Treasure of the White Goddess