Nurse Nancy (1991) 

Zara Whites and Sandra Scream are the principal attractions, and lovely as always. Alicyn Sterling’s role is very minor, so fans of her needn’t bother.

The plot involves a nurse (Sandra) and prostitute (Zara) as roommates who decide to switch roles, a scary thought indeed. Although potentially interesting, and with a good cast, the problem is the complete lack of heat in the scenes, it is terminally boring. The opening scene where Peter North and Zara have sex in a bathtub is cookbook, and none of the subsequent scenes pick up from there. Everyone does their job and collects a paycheck.

  • Scene 1. Zara Whites
  • Scene 2. Zara Whites, Peter North
  • Scene 3. Sandra Scream, Tera Heart
  • Scene 4. Sandra Scream, Tera Heart, Woody Long
  • Scene 5. Zara Whites, Marc Wallice
  • Scene 6. Cassidy, Zara Whites
  • Scene 7. Alicyn Sterling, Marc Wallice