The Hot Box (1972)

The team of Joe Viola and Jonathan Demme gave New World one of it’s first hits with a biker film, Angels Hard as They Come – so Roger Corman got them to have a go at his other lucractive genre, women in prison.

There’s plenty of left-wing comment amidst the boobs as four American nurses working in an unnamed Asian country (two blondes, a brunette, a black) get kidnapped by some revolutionaries. There’s a bit of complexity here – the revolutionaries have some valid arguments (kicked off land, corrupt government, etc) but are still pretty ruthless, full of thieves… though not as ruthless as the government, as it turns out. Indeed by the end our girls are fighting off the government.

The girls go for several swims, and there’s an obligatory rape sequence as well as some willing sex. Some spirited acting but this is a pretty dull movie. It only brightens up in one or two spots: the initial kidnapping, a final brawl. Would have been better if it had been an all-female revolutionary gang, maybe – there are too many men. Margaret Markov is probably the best known member of the cast.

Director: Joe Viola
Studio: New World Pictures

Starring: Carmen Argenziano, Andrea Cagan, Margaret Markov, Rickey Richardson, Laurie Rose, Zaldy Zshornack, Jose Romulo, Rocco Montalban, Charles Dierkop, Gina Laforteza, Ruben Ramos, Ruben Rustia, Carmen Barredo, Roy Alvarez, Pmp Commandos

Actors: Margaret Markov