Les nymphomanes (1980)

Morgane cleaning a mirror. She’s Mattieu’s maid and helps him in all aspects of his sex – sentimental? – life. The first woman to enter the scene is a brunette (Olga Cris) just off the train from her province. The type to be in underwear after 18 seconds onscreen. Matthieu welcomes her in a very straightforward way. Into her mouth to begin with, then in her pussy – while Marinette takes care of the woman’s furs – and, after a drink, onto the woman’s belly. By now you’ve got it, Marinette is a very valuable little maid who does not balk at keeping her master’s lover busy while he’s having steak. They end up the three of them together. Ah Morgane’s mouth, a poem in itself. And that little flower on her cheek… Unfortunately Burd Tranbaree’s frigid camera doesn’t pay high enough a tribute to these beauties. And why couldn’t he use direct sound?

When morning comes, Marinette crawls to the telephone and calls Léo who impersonates a private detective to help master and servant make room for the next lady… Who turns out to be American star Serena who appears as an air-hostess rushing between two flights. She’s got a little present for Marinette and of course both have fun with it before Matthieu pops into the scene and both women. The hostess leaves the flat hurrying to her plane and almost forgetting to put anything on her creamy body.

Quickly master and servant tidy the place, just in time for the third lady – a nurse – to enter the place. She finds Marinette’s dildo which soon finds its way into both girls. Of course Matthieu proves his attraction towards the nurse. Marinette does what she is supposed to be paid for, housework, and eventually joins the couple. Léo is called again and the nurse leaves.

In fact Matthieu and Marinette are more than just employer and employee and they also enjoy each other without a third person’s presence. This is just the time for the three ladies to meet by accident in front of Matthieu’s door. They realise they are heading for the same bed and – is it a surprise? – end up in it along with Matthieu and Marinette. This time, when Marinette crawls to the phone, she asks Léo to join the party… Which he does! Who wouldn’t?