Barbara Hershey nude – The Entity (1981)

Barbara Hershey is seen in the clip teeing her hairs with pin while sitting in front of a mirror. She then goes in the washroom and opens her bra showing us her beautiful medium sized breasts. She then opens her skirt also and panty too. Gets fully nude and then slips down in the bathtub fully nude. We got to see full nude body of her and her boobs too while she was opening her bra.

While in the bathtub, she hears some voices coming and then suddenly t he door gets closed. She wakes up in a sudden blow of air as the door closes by all itself. She tries to open the door but was not able to open it and she stands beside it fully nude. Suddenly she was forced by someone who was not visible on the mirror and then under the shower too. In the next scene we got to see her big boobs, someone who was not visible was pressing her boobs and sucking it too. We also got a scene of her boobs pressing and sucking and she started moaning also.

The clip has been taken from the movie named The Entity which was released in 1981. She was also fucked by the invisible thing which she was not able to recognize. She showed her full nude body including her pussy too covered with her pubic hairs.

Actors: Barbara Hershey