Parties chaudes (1979)

Françoise and Robert are always on the lookout for a victim to join in their favorite past time, threesomes. Usually Robert picks up a girl, Françoise pretends to catch them Inflagrante Delicto, and subsequently the third party has to pay the price.

Director:Claude-Bernard Aubert as Burd Tranbaree
Notes:F.F.C.M. and Shangrila Productions/ Alpha France, 85 mins., DVD Blue One as Les Délices de l’adultère (73 mins) with Possessions! and La Clinique des fantasmes
Alternate Titles
Dans la chaleur du plaisir 1981 re-release title
Les Délices de l’adultère re-issue and DVD title
Delights of Adultery
Mémoires d’une p…
Orgasmo pornografico Italian fake video title, inserted along with fake credits
Orgias calientes
Perverse Wünsche West Germany, Beate Uhse, Tabu DVD, 81 mins.
The Wives of Others Alpha France English title