Wendy’s Palace (1970)

Director: Kemal Horulu
Writer: Kemal Horulu
DVD Release Date: August 13th, 2013
Approximate Running Times: 72 minutes
DVD Release: Vinegar Syndrome

Vinegar Syndrome continues to plunder the very depths of New York 42nd St. obscurities with a obscure 70s porn director, Kemal Horulu.
Small town gal Wendy resorts to prostitution after moving to New York City. Wendy gets busted by corrupt vice cop Vince and winds up spending 90 days in jail. In the wake of finishing her sentence, Wendy decides to quit working the streets by owning and operating her own brothel instead. This film reminded me a lot of Nick Millard late 60’s MOS films. If you like his stuff then this one is right up your alley.

Wendy (Mary Poey) is a street walker in Manhattan who likes to work Times Square. But she ends up getting busted by a vice cop Vince (Henry Mills). Wendy must have the worst lawyer in New York City since Vince’s hook up with her before slapping the cuffs on her wrists doesn’t get her a get out of jail card. After she serves her time, she has a little money from a dead relative. Instead of going to a community college to learn how to code computer cards, Wendy buys an apartment bordello from Lola (Rose Dunn) along with her connections. This leads to a series of visits from men looking for the ladies now under Wendy’s managerial skills. There’s a narrator doing his best to make this sound like an education film run in a business class about how to deal with employees and customers. Ultimately Vince shows up looking to make amends for busting her. But is the bad cop ready to go good for a wicked lady? Even though most of cast is naked, there’s some stunning wardrobe choices from this era. The fabric colors look good on the screen. It does look like a majority of the female cast is wearing ’70s wigs.This movie isn’t that explicit and framed so that it could be aired on Cinemax After Dark. Even as a tame production, you’re still not going to pop this in the DVD player to show Aunt Anna. The ending is so gosh darn happy that it might warm Aunt Anna’s shocked heart.