One Way at a Time (1981)

Director: Alan B. Colberg
Studio: Caballero Home Video, VIP Production

Starring: Aubrey Nichols, Don Fernando, Jack Wright, Jeff Scott, Sharon Kane, John Holmes, Johnny Hardin, Jesse Adams, Laurien Dominique, Lisa K. Loring, Mimi Morgan, Mick Jones, Rocky Racoon, Susan Nero, Tony Bond
Description: A working mother and her daughters enjoy active sex lives! One likes black men. The other runs with a band of tough girls who occasionally blow bad biker boys off in the woods! But Mama’s got em all beat; she fucks her time away with the legendary giant cock of John C. Holmes!

  • Scene 1. Aubrey Nichols, John Holmes
  • Scene 2. Lisa K. Loring, Johnny Hardin
  • Scene 3. Lisa K. Loring
  • Scene 4. Mimi Morgan, Don Fernando
  • Scene 5. Aubrey Nichols, Susan Nero
  • Scene 6. Laurien Dominique, Jeff Scott, Mick Jones
  • Scene 7. Lisa K. Loring, Johnny Hardin
  • Scene 8. Laurien Dominique, Jeff Scott
  • Scene 9. Mimi Morgan, Mick Jones
  • Scene 10. Aubrey Nichols, Jack Wright
  • Scene 11. Lisa K. Loring, Mimi Morgan, Rocky Racoon
  • Scene 12. Sharon Kane, Mimi Morgan, Tony Bond
  • Scene 13. Lisa K. Loring
  • Scene 14. Aubrey Nichols, Jesse Adams