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La mirada del otro (1998)

La mirada del otro’ is an erotic psychodrama, an exploration of female sexual desire. Begoña is a thirty something consultant who has rebelled against her upper middle class background and has overdone it with sex ever since her youth. On recommendation of her psychoanalyst she keeps a video diary of her encounters using a palm-sized video gadget called ‘The Owl’. On Christmas Eve, reluctantly, Begoña goes to have dinner with her dysfunctional family. The same night in a bar, Begoña is befriended by Daniel, a solitary handsome man in his late teens. The attractive and self assure Begoña draws his attention, but when her ‘on and off’ ex boyfriend Elio, and adventurous biker, shows up at the bar, an argument ensures between Elio and Daniel. The next morning Begoña wakes up in her bed with Daniel next to her. Drunk as she was, she does not remember what had happened. They had sex, he tells her, and it was wild…

Date: May 24, 2020