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House of De Sade (1977)

A group of friends decide to spend the night at a creepy old rundown house. They hold a seance that unleashes the evil spirit of De Sade. All kinds of debauched carnal activities immediately follow thereafter.

Cucumbers, And Vampires, And Nunchucks…Oh My! More Sleazy Smut From Joe Davian…
Author: EVOL666 from St. John’s Abortion Clinic
16 May 2006

I really dig these “cross-over” porn joints – especially the ones that combine elements from my favorite genre – horror. HOUSE OF DE SADE is a silly, fun, arousing, perverted XXX-“roughie” that is one of the more enjoyable of the Joe Davian entries that I’ve seen so far…

Vanessa Del Rio and friends have been invited to a séance at a “spooky” old house. Pre-séance activities before the “get-together” include an orgy scene featuring two couples that Del Rio also invites to the séance, and some consensual S&M-style fun between Del Rio and her boyfriend – including cucumber-insertion/peeling/eating, leash-and-collar domination, and some pretty rough anal-action. Once at the séance-site, the friends are lead to rooms by a hunchback (?!?), where they start doin’ what they do best. In one strange scene, Del Rio is spackled on by a ghost (??!!??) and then seeks some sexual-solace from her pals. Eventually, everyone is lead to the séance-room, where they unleash the soul of the Marquis de Sade, and we’re treated to some more pretty hot orgy scenes, and to Del Rio getting brutalized by a few of the séance-goers (including some pretty funny foam-nunchuk-ass-smacking), and the hunchback – who turns out to be a VAMPIRE!!!????!!!

HOUSE OF DE SADE is just so off-the-wall and goofy that you gotta dig it. The sex is pretty steamy, there’s some decent “fetish” material, and the silly story is ridiculous and fun. Not nearly as rough as some of Davian’s other films (APPOINTMENT WITH AGONY readily comes to mind…) – and I still like DOMNIATION BLUE slightly better due to it’s sleazier content – but this one’s chock-full-o’-sex and some funny/amusing crap mixed in. If you dig XXX-horror films like HARDGORE or FORGIVE ME – I HAVE SINNED, you’ll probably get a kick out of this one…8/10