O idonovlepsias (1984)

Alternate Titles
Gousgounis, o megalos erastis English translation “Gousgounis the Great Lover”, title of one of the VHS releases
Chrissostomos Liambos as Christos Bolias
Greece, Due Films c. 96 mins., mostly fake names in credits, English translation ‘The Peeping Tom’.

The film has received several releases on both VHS and DVD. The recent (and more easily available) DVD release by GR Films should be avoided, though, for both its poor technical quality and lack of a good 20 minutes of the action.

Names of actresses in the original film release credits: Paulina Toutsier, Yanna Tsikou, Liana Fotiadou, Roula Ioannou, Zeta Savvidou, Anna Liakopoulou.

Names of actresses in the VHS release credits: Yota Stamelou, Tonia Angelopoulou, Maria Yioti, Myrto Karabetsou, Magella Sardjiani.

Males –

  • Kostas Gousgounis plays Elias
  • Kostas Panayotopoulos, as Kostas Anagnostou, plays Joe
  • Stathis Iordanou, plays either Phoebus or Aris
  • Thanassis Papandreou, plays either Phoebus or Aris
  • an uncredited male plays the man on the beach

Plot Summary –

Elias is an incurable ‘Peeping Tom’. In the first scene, hidden behind some rocks near the seashore, he masturbates while watching the sexy encounter of a couple on the beach. (Sex includes a glimpse of french kissing and cowgirl.)

Sexually aroused, he returns home and listens to another couple fucking in the neighbouring apartment. He manages to open a peep hole in the door, finally to be able to watch the coupling of young Joe with college girl Bessie and to jerk off. (Second sex scene: in cowgirl and standing doggie positions; cumshot on her ass.)

Later on, his girlfriend Sonia joins in. She is extremely horny and gets roughly (and especially anally) fucked. (Third sex scene: blowjob, cowgirl, doggie anal; cumshot on her ass.)

Elias can’t stop thinking of his young neighbours, even at work. Back at his apartment, he overhears Joe and Bessie arguing about having a threesome with Joe’s buddy Phoebus. She doesn’t consent, and even refuses to just fuck with Joe, in the presence of his friend. So, Joe slaps her. Elias calls a policeman, mainly as a pretext to get better acquainted with his neighbours.

Next day, he tells Sonia of his voyeuristic experiences and they jointly peep at another couple (Anna & Aris) having sex in the same apartment next door. (Fourth sex scene: blowjob, reverse cowgirl and doggie positions, doggie anal; cumshot on her ass.) Heavily turned on, Elias fucks Sonia. (Fifth sex scene: standing doggie; cumshot on her ass; she sucks him clean.) The two scenes occur in parallel and when Elias finds out about the anal fucking of the other couple, he once again has a boner, but Sonia is reluctant to give him any more satisfaction.

At the office, Elias takes a good look at some porn magazines with a friend. Meanwhile, back at the apartment, Sonia is herself discovering the joys of voyeurism, watching Joe and Phoebus finally succeeding in having a threesome with Bessie. She starts masturbating while watching the sexual acts of her young neighbours who are soon to be joined in by sexy college girl Jenny. (Sixth sex scene: blowjob, missionary & cowgirl for both girls, some lesbian sex; cumshot on their belly and ass.) The group scene being so hot, Sonia sticks even an orangeade bottle in her ass (good close-ups)! Elias suddenly walks in, sees his girlfriend’s excitement and decides to punish her for not satisfying him the other day by replacing the bottle with his dick! (Seventh sex scene: aggressive doggie anal; cumshot on her ass.) After the sex scenes, all the couples lie exhausted on their beds. Later on, Joe introduces himself to Elias, asking for some cigarettes.

The following day, Sonia meets with her girlfriend Demie at a coffee shop by the sea, and they discuss Sonia’s recent sexual experiences. They both decide to return to the apartment, eager to discover what’s on the sexual menu for the day. Back at his office, Elias has the same plans, but is delayed by the visit of a blonde (his secretary?). Although she claims to have resisted Elias’s advances in the past, she finally succumbs and both share some passionate sex. (Eighth sex scene: blowjob, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, standing doggie positions; cumshot on her ass.)

Sonia and Demie are waiting in vain for someone to come and they have some drinks. Joe, Bessie and Jenny show up. Another group scene inevitably begins. (Ninth sex scene: blowjob, serious pussy and ball licking, cowgirl and doggie positions; cumshot on Jenny’s ass.) At the same time, Sonia and Demie share some intense lesbian sex, soon to be joined in by Elias, who doesn’t mind his girlfriend’s infidelity and proceeds to fuck Demie vigorously. (Tenth sex scene: doggie – probably anal; cums inside her.)

In the end, Joe knocks again on the door, this time not to ask for cigarettes, but to invite his (three) neighbours for some hot group action. After the necessary introductions, the final (eleventh) sex scene inevitably begins. Jenny starts giving Elias a blowjob, while licked by Sonia, herself fucked by Joe (in missionary and cowgirl positions). Later on, Joe gets some oral treatment by Bessie and Elias by Demie, while Sonia masturbates watching them all. Suddenly, the couple from the fourth scene, Anna & Aris, join in. Anna gets some pussy licking by Jenny, who is fucked by Aris (in doggie position; cumshot on Jenny’s ass). Bessie gives Elias a blowjob. Finally, Sonia and Anna get fucked in reverse cowgirl positions by Joe and Aris respectively, while Elias fucks Bessie in cowgirl. Aris cums on Demie’s belly, whereas the true star, Elias, jerks off and offers his cum to all his fans (close-up shot)!

Some remarks –

The importance of this film, a major blockbuster in the 1980s, lies essentially in the first (officially known and shown) hardcore performance of Kostas Gousgounis, a bald, Telly Savalas look-a-like, macho actor. A legend of 1970s Greek pornography, since his first performance in the film Sex…13 Beauforts, released in 1971 (a film that actually marked the beginning of Greek Porn’s “golden” era in the 1970s!), Gousgounis is still considered to be not only the most important, and maybe the only widely known, personality of the defunct Greek Porn business, but an overall cult figure! He has influenced Greek culture deeply in gender roles with his intense sexual performances and in slang with his popular dialogue in porn flicks (consisting of direct, gonzo, short sentences with few verbs and many slang words, though always accompanied with a certain ‘touch’ of humour).

Despite its commonplace plot, this film, well shot and with many (more than ten!) efficient hardcore scenes, gives us also the opportunity to see another rare appearance in Greek porn films of Pauline Teutscher, who, besides getting some severe anal pounding by Gousgounis, had also to learn all her dialogue in Greek (succeeding quite nicely!). Dimitriou gets the privilege to be the only 1980s Greek porn star to have fucked with the 70s legend. As for Gousgounis, despite the commercial triumph of this film, he abruptly quit the hard core scene shortly after (although he kept on giving, for a while, live [!!] porn show performances in Athens’s XXX cinemas), because he was afraid of AIDS, according to his own statements. He kept on sporadically appearing (as he always did) in some mainstream films, running at the same time a photography store in Athens. So, it is certain that he did not perform in any other porn flicks since. One should remain quite skeptical, though, about the accuracy of the assumption that this film constituted his unique hardcore appearance. In fact, taking into account his strong performances in several erotic films during the 1970s, that enabled his reputation to reach mythical (popular) heights, one has to wonder if he reached all this stardom, without having performed in any other hard core scenes (that were projected as ‘inserts’ in the films he starred, all of them huge successes in Greek porn cinemas during that era). Still, until further ‘new’ evidence…