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Candido Erotico (1978)

Alternate Titles
Copenhagen Nights USA video box title
The Exhibitionists USA video title
Look at Me

Very well shot and put together, this has a fine mix of Copenhagen street scenes, stage show interiors and studio filming. An unusual sex drama about a part-time male model (Mircha Carven) who also performs live sex acts on stage for a living. The story starts when he befriends the teenage daughter (Lilli Carati) of one of his friends and occasional lover, a female photographer (Maria Baxa).

First, the viewer is seduced in thinking that this is one of those ‘the parents are against us’ love dramas, a kind of Romeo and Juliet in a more exploitative setting. However, this is a deliberate red herring. We are slowly introduced into the actual topic of the film which is a little sex problem our hero suffers from. Alone in bed with Carati he’s useless (at which point I should make a flippant remark about how this proves the seriosity of his condition).

The viewer only becomes slowly aware of the extent of his problem by a sequence of events which make it increasingly clear what is going on. This easily sees us through the film and also is the basis for an interesting climactic ending.

All in all, a superior example of a sex drama, in much darker mood than its genre relatives. An interesting take on the effect of voyeurism from both sides!