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I ragazzi della Roma violenta (1976)

Alternative Title:
The Children of Violent Rome
La nuit des excitees

Director: Renato Savino
Studio: G.N. Cinematografica

Starring: Gino Barzacchi, Alicia Bruzzo, Cristina Businari, Paola Corazzi, Sarah Crespi, Mario Cutini, Stefania D’Addaria, Annunziata Gregori, Emilio Locurcio, Gino Milli, Francesco Pau, Renzo Rinaldi, Adolfo Schauer, Vittorio Sgorlon, Enrico Tricarico

Description: Gang are all bored teenagers from rich families. One of the gang prefers playing pin pall to getting a girlfriend, because playing pin ball literally gets him off. The leader of the gang indulges in violent sexual fantasies, which ultimately leads to rap* and murder. This inspires a teen gang from the streets, whose members are poor kids from the ghetto.