Gräsänkor på skandalsemester (1980)

Alternate Titles
Crazy Sex Vacation in Paris
Crazy Swedish Holidays in Paris USA
Deux suédoises à Paris 1980 France
Gräsänkor på semester
Schwedenmädels in Paris West Germany, VFL, 75 mins.

The two couples, Barbro and Evert and Ulla and Jan, who are good friends maintain the myth of Swedish liberty and sexual appetite. The husbands have competitions about who can give his wife the most pleasure. They send the wives to Paris for holiday. They promise their husbands to be faithful but as soon as they reach there, they find two lovers. But they are robbed by them after a very hot night. But the adventure goes on.

Ulla and Barbro have come to Paris without their boyfriends (husbands?). They are robbed of their money by two playboys they had met in the street – Robert and Pierre. They get their revenge on two British tourists, some men in a discotheque, two torreros, a rich Greek macho, two Italians, a couple of lesbian “bourgeoises”, and participate in a high-class orgy. They finally come across the two initial playboys and pay them back. The boyfriends back in Stockholm are not celibate meanwhile.

Cathy Stewart as Cathy Kristiansson, plays Marilyn, in disco orgy scene
Cristel Lauris as ? plays the best friend of the Princess
Dominique Saint Claire as Barbi Andersson, plays Barbro
France Lomay as Birgitta Svensson, plays Baronness Matilda in the masked ball
Ingrid Josephson plays princess Chabrol
Jenny Feeling as Agneta Charvey, plays Dolores one of the ‘replacement’ girlfriends back in Stockholm
Marie Bergman plays Ulla
Monique Carrère as Nadia Mercier, plays Conchita (Conquita in credits)
Nicole Velna as Nicole Cooper, plays Diana, in disco orgy scene
Samantha as Patty Ekman, plays Duchess Luiza, in the masked ball
XNK1430 plays Anita (? if so as Suzanne Carlson), one of the ‘replacement’ girlfriends back in Stockholm
XNK1434 possibly meant to be the same character as ex-XNK1432 (Cristel Lauris) but looks different