Siv, a Swedish Girl (1971)

Director: Nick Millard (uncredited) Star: Louise Thompson

18-year-old Siv, a naive and beautiful Swedish girl, is invited to live with a hippie couple attending the local university in Frisco. Before long, Siv is introduced to all manners of drugs and bi-sexual encounters that leave her fulfilled yet corrupted…but wanting more!

What we have here is an amatuerish attempt to do a softcore movie, but basically fails on all fronts. Zero to none production design, bad lighting and even worse acting and plot. There’s is nothing good to say about it, except trying to show us some nice footage of a threesome, lesbian, masturbation and more lesbian fun – and not always from the best camrera angles. At least the girls look decent and their titties yummy. I love puffy swedish titties, that’s why I uploaded it.

Actors: Louise Thompson