Outlaw Ladies (1981)

Here’s what Holliday wrote about OUTLAW LADIES, back in 1986:

“For what it is worth, I think this is Henri Pachard’s best overall achievement. It is much different, and I think better than BABYLON PINK and OCTOBER SILK. The plot concerns five ‘outlaw ladies,’ outlaws in the sense that they must derive their sexual thrills outside of conventional society, which certainly would not approve of the methods used to satisfy their kicks. Therefore, they must become surreptitious in satisfying those normal desires.

“There is more character interaction within this vignette film, and unlike the others, some very real characterization is developed to permit viewing both sides of their personalities — the business and the sexual. The tone of the film is very light, however, except when it’s time for sex. Veronica Hart plays an attorney that seeks anal sex; Marlene Willoughby is a pristine, puritan businesswoman who is secretly a high class hooker; Juliet Anderson is a suburban housewife in need of thrills; and in the best scene of the film, Samantha Fox and Jody Maxwell play slumming socialites who pick up thug Joey Silvera in a bar and proceed to his crummy apartment to thoroughly enjoy his unwashed existence. Merle Michaels adds a counter point as a confused girl who gains sexual assertiveness.

“The large, impressive big-name cast consists of professionals, and when given proper direction from a first class filmmaker, they produce the kinds of performances that make OUTLAW LADIES the highly successful film that it is. A pioneer of the emerging breed of adult films that treat women as equals, not just sex objects. Pachard produced this film under his real name, Ron Sullivan. Perfect for couples.”


  • Candida Royalle [NonSex]
  • Elyse Alexander [NonSex]
  • Erica Eaton [NonSex]
  • Jody Maxwell [Facial]
  • Juliet Anderson
  • Marlene Willoughby [Facial]
  • Merle Michaels
  • Samantha Fox
  • Veronica Hart [Anal]


  • Bobby Astyr
  • Joey Silvera
  • John Leslie
  • R. Bolla
  • Ron Hudd

Scene breakdown:

  • Scene 1. Juliet Anderson, Ron Hudd
  • Scene 2. Bobby Astyr, Marlene Willoughby
  • Scene 3. John Leslie, Veronica Hart
  • Scene 4. Merle Michaels, R. Bolla
  • Scene 5. Jody Maxwell, Joey Silvera, Samantha Fox