Oriental Hawaii (1982)

Parents Bob (John Leslie) and Mildred (Jesie St. James) can no longer afford their adult children who live with them, so they decide to rent their rooms to a few local ladies (Mai Lin, Jade Wong). Before long, the ladies are experimenting with everyone in the house, and soon they all start a love fest.

Carlos Tobalina’s ORIENTAL HAWAII isn’t the greatest movie ever made, but if you’re looking for a bunch of mindless sex, it’ll get you done. There isn’t really a story, and it seems that the writers aren’t worried about dealing with a “family” here. If you’re familiar with tobalina’s work, you’ll know that pacing is always an issue for her, and I think that’s the case here too because the scenes are a bit too much of a drag.

However, everyone in the cast was strictly game, and both Leslie and St.James was putting on fun performances, and Lin and Wong were great fun, too. Rhonda Jo Petty and Danielle play the girls and perform a few good scenes together. Sex scenes are fun and will definitely get the job done for viewers.