Pornografie in Dänemark – Zur Sache, Kätzchen (1970)

In the tradition of the German “Report” films a German doctor heads to Amsterdam to investigate the sexual subculture!  Fans of funky music, wild clothes and skinny euro girls will delight in this! In the film “Pornography in Denmark – Substance kitten,” offers us incredible scenes with a synchronization that is pure entertainment! Is Copenhagen the “paradise” of pornography? An innocent but tormented German young man travels to the Danish metropolis in order to challenge his sinful thoughts. There he meets the charming and saucy Ulla, who shares a lot of hot tips.
Copenhagen, the “paradise” of pornography! Innocent, but with lusty thoughts salesman Maier takes a trip to the danish capital. There he meets the gorgeous Ulla, who quickly shows him which way to go here. Within one day he is at a sex exhibition, a porn movie and a swinger club. Herr Maier, now converted from glasses- to a sex- salesman, returns to Germany – with a mission!

Date: September 14, 2020