Getting Into Heaven (1970)

GETTING INTO HEAVEN has a linear plot (what little plot there is) and has two amazing things going for it: USCHI DIGART! Also, it is a successfully funny feature and Uschi is in almost every single frame of the film. Uschi (billed as Marie Marceau) is Heaven, a young woman living in LA hoping to become an actress (kind of like the later TOUCH OF SWEDEN). Her roommate, Sin (Jennie Lynn), has the same aspiration and their target for seduction is Mr. Salacity, a disgusting executive who demands that the two women sleep with him to “audition!” This doesn’t bode too well with cop Bernie, Heaven’s new boyfriend who fell in love with her after she ran over his foot! Bernie wants Heaven to marry him, but she can’t marry him and become an actress, too, can she? But will Mr. Salacity give Heaven and Sin parts in his next movie? And how will they get their luscious blonde friend Karen a part, too? You get two guesses.

Usually given bit parts and throwaway roles with no dialogue, here, GETTING INTO HEAVEN is Uschi’s movie and hers alone. Jennie Lynn is beautiful and can deliver lines like anyone, and she does take part in the steamy oil massage with Uschi, but she is completely overshadowed by the permanently tanned double-D’s of Die Uschi, at the peak of her career. And for anyone who writes off Uschi as just another pretty body who can’t act, see this film! She delivers her lines flawlessly with good comic timing, her body language perfect, and her performance never disappointing. Several viewers seeing the film for the first time might find the non-stop skin boring and the lack of any real intricate plot a disappointment, but this is one of Uschi’s few starring roles! Soak in every inch of that body, drown in her infectious smile, and laugh along at the dumb humor and smutty innuendo. And dig the scene with Uschi and her stuffed tiger….GRRRR!!

Actors: Uschi Digard