Heidi 1: Auf der Heidi gibt’s koa Sünd'(1991)

Director: Jurgen Baumann
Studio: Herzog

Starring: Anna Wildbach, Danny Wiedemann, Effie Balconi, Frank Prange, Henry Loco, Jenna Wells, Sven, Bernadette, Willi Montana.

—In a small village in the Bavarian mountains lives Heidi, a good natured girl who’s been sheltered by her grandfather her whole life. Once day her aunt Grete comes from Munich, to let her experience a better education. But Heidi is happy where she lives, with her boyfriend, the “Goat-Willy” in the beautiful Bavarian mountains. The mood is fun loving in this village. The servants are constantly showing their maidservant where they want to shove their dicks. Even the postman gets frisky showing that he knows how to lick more than just postage stamps… But Heidi’s aunt and her grandfather decide to send Heidi to town. Of course, in the beginning she won’t leave her beloved mountains, but finally she goes on her trip to the big town.
—Heidi definitely shows what a German girl is all about… Nice big tits, an ass that you would worship and drool on for the rest of your life, and of course, the ability to make you faint with the best blow job you ever had in your life. Here is prime German meat just for you!