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Samantha’s Sexy Summer (2006)

This is another Torchlight Pictures offering that takes place in the desert, along the lines of Dirty Blondes and Co-Ed Escorts. However, this movie is about sixteen times better than either of those efforts because the filmmakers seemed to finally grasp the concept that people watch their movies because they want to see naked girls. I say this because the two actresses in this movie, Tabitha Stevens and Frankie Dashwood, never put on any clothes throughout the entire movie. None. Ever. Well, OK, there is one scene where they try on some skimpy loincloths, but they don’t cover anything and are quickly removed. Like all the Torchlight films I have seen, the plot is disappointingly sparse, with the majority of the film being taken up by sex scenes that tend to drag on for too long, but there is a story here and it involves two sets of identical twins (Stevens and Dashwood) and their guy friend who take a trip to the desert to look for some ruins. They split up into two groups and see who can find the ruins first. The identical twin thing is kind of lame since the two groups never actually get together, and it would have been nice if they had hired two additional actresses instead. The other gripe I have with this movie is that during the last sex scene they reuse footage from two earlier sex scenes to pad out the time. These are minor complaints though, as I thoroughly enjoyed watching these chicks wander around naked in the desert for an hour or so and I feel like I definitely got my money’s worth for buying the DVD. I’m still waiting for a film with this much nudity that is predominantly plot-driven, but in the mean time this is about the closest I’ve seen to the perfect T&A movie*.

Date: July 27, 2022