Swêden poruno: Yokujô shotaiken (1971)

Director: Christer Holmgren
Studio: Soei Production, Nikkatsu

Starring: Cia Lowgren, Annika Enstrom, Thomas Stimuzzer, Pal Akesson, Brittemarie Larsson, Elisabeth Skog, Sylvia Byrd, Christer Holmgren.

Description: From 1971 through 1972, Nikkatsu produced several softcore erotic films shot in Sweden starring Swedish actors, cashing in both on the class of European cinema and the widespread awareness of the explicit pornography being produced by the sexually liberated Swedes. These “Sweden Porno” would be helmed by both Swedish and Japanese directors, shot in 5×4 and dubbed, with a later 1973 revival filmed in scope and subtitled. Odd stuff. All these films were restored for a retrospective in Sweden a couple years ago, with the restorations slowly appearing on home video and streaming over the course of the last two years. First Experience of Lust was part of the first double feature alongside Forest of Beastly Desire.

AKA Sweden Porno: First Experience of Lust